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APC Shelters, an APC Brands company, was established to design, build, and install high quality, commercial grade shelters and shades for the masses at attainable prices.  If you are a HOA President tasked with purchasing a large, steel shelter with all of the extras to serve as a community gathering place, APC Shelters has you covered.  If your church has asked you to get information for a covered walkway, APC Shelter has you covered.  Most of our customers are generally not interested in becoming shade and shelter experts, but rather choose the experts at APC Shelters to find the perfect solution for their project.  We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy, while affording you the opportunity to purchase a turnkey solution.

Historically, manufacturers hire sales representatives that work to get shelter specifications required by architects.  The designs typically change and need further engineering, signed seals, and then city approval.  While numerous architects specify our shelters and shades, these additional steps generally increase fees.  APC Shelters works directly with the customer, reducing time and cost. Many permanent shelter and shade solutions require city permits.  Our engineers are licensed and certified to stamp sealed drawings in all 50 states, making the permitting process much smoother.

Because you will save money and time, do not expect a drop in quality.  We offer among the highest quality frames and roofs in the industry. Our steel frames are cut, blasted white, and we apply 3 Mils of zinc rich TGIC epoxy powder coat, followed by an application of 3 Mils of TGIC super durable powder coat.  For safety and aesthetics, we design our shelters to have no exposed fasteners at connections and supply anchoring templates.  Additionally, we utilize structural eaves, compression ring rafter connections, spray welds, and tubular steel with a minimum of 3/16” wall thickness. Our roofs can consist of tongue and groove #2 SYP, 24ga multi-rib roof panel, plasma cutting capabilities, and Kynar enamel roof finishes with trim pieces to include hip, ridge, and fascia.  There are a broad range of product qualities throughout the industry, and we will be happy to explain why our shelters and shades are the best value.

We partner with American Playground Construction, an APC Brands company, for nationwide installation services.

At APC Shelters, we have you covered.


APC Shelters

APC Shelters, an APC Brands company, offers high quality, commercial grade outdoor shelter and shade product in a wide variety of standard and custom designs.  Our low maintenance shelter and shade solutions are skillfully engineered and crafted for schools, churches, municipalities, daycares, multi-family housing, amusement parks, and even residential applications.  APC Shelters adds value by producing the best in quality and choices for an attainable price.  APC Shelters has you covered.
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